Le SPOT Longchamp


The Spot is a place primarily dedicated to LGBTQI + people, sex workers, drug users and migrants. We offer you a sexual health course by giving you time, a space for free and non-judgmental speech, a medico-social offer and community support adapted to your needs.

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Spot offers

Sexual violence

Support for people who are victims of sexual violence (assault, rape, genital mutilation, etc.).


Support in the course of HIV care, HCV treatment.

Transition path

Hormone therapy, gynecology, support, injection support.

Social consultations

Access to social rights (social security, housing, CAF, etc.), rights of foreigners, access to employment.


Consultations in addictology, support, equipment, drug analysis.


Individual community support. Peer groups (chemsex, sex work, HIV, LGBT + migrants).


Access to PrEP, preventive treatment for HIV and emergency treatment, to be taken in the event of recent exposure (less than 48 hours) to HIV.


Screening for HIV, hepatitis A-B-C, and STIs (chlamydiae, gonococci and syphilis). 


Psycho / sexo consultations, support to structures and professionals adapted to needs.

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The Spot Longchamp

3 Boulevard Longchamp

13001 Marseille


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  • Monday : 16h to 19h30
  • Tuesday : 10h to 13h30 & 16h to 19h30
  • Wednesday : 10h to 17h
  • Thursday : 10h to 13h30 & 16h to 19h30
  • Friday : 12h30 to 19h30
  • Saturday : 13h30 to 17h