• Who is the Spot for? Chevron vers le bas

    Le Spot is a community sexual health center, authorized by CeGIDD (Free Information and Diagnostic Center), supported by the AIDES association. It is particularly intended for LGBTQI people, migrants, sex workers and consumers of products, that is to say, people who, through their life course, are more vulnerable to HIV. , hepatitis and STIs. The Spot is a completely free place, with or without an appointment according to your needs.

  • I need social support, can I come to the Spot? Chevron vers le bas

    Yes of course. At the Spot, you can meet a social worker by appointment to get help in your access to rights procedures: help with asylum application files in particular, for those related to sexual orientation, right to social security, access to housing, employment, etc.
    If you are a person living with HIV requesting a residence permit for treatment, we can also assist you in your procedures and finance part of the purchase of the stamps necessary to obtain the permit.

  • I am a sex worker Chevron vers le bas

    The Spot provides the necessary equipment for sex work, standard or xl condoms, gels, black gloves S-M-L, intimate wipes, disinfectant wipes for surfaces ...
    We also offer a monthly self-help group: "Le Goûter de Putes", one Monday per month. It is a space for discussion, conviviality and non-mixed support between sex workers with the Strass - Syndicat du Travail Sexuel.

  • I am a minor, can I come to the Spot? Chevron vers le bas

    Yes, you don't have to be an adult to benefit from the Spot offers. All interviews and exams are confidential and free. Only vaccinations are subject to the compulsory authorization of persons with parental authority.

  • I have been a victim of sexual assault Chevron vers le bas

    Have you had unwanted sex? Do you find it difficult to set your limits?
    It takes courage to talk about unwanted sex, whether as a couple, at the end of a night, with someone you know or you don't know. At the Spot, you will be welcomed with kindness. You can tell us what you want, and be supported in what suits you. Sometimes all you need is a listening, which won't be judgmental or overly compassionate. Sometimes you want to leave a trace, a testimony somewhere, or find help filing a complaint.
    For all this, there are answers to the Spot. We have resources and partners to direct them to.

  • I don't have any security rights, can I come to the Spot? Chevron vers le bas

    The entire offer is accessible to everyone, regardless of rights. If you are having difficulty accessing your rights, we can direct you to the Spot social worker who can check in with you and support you in your efforts.

  • I need listening and support Chevron vers le bas

    Do you feel isolated and not satisfied with your sex life? Do you need LBGTQI friendly PSY tracking and good addresses? Come see us, The Spot is not just a place for people who want testing! We know how to speak and listen, without taboos, about sex and all fields of emotional life. We have time for that, we are here for that! For psy follow-up, we have friendly addresses if you want follow-up in town. If you have financial or other brakes to consult in town, there are also free consultations every week with the Spot's super psychologist.

  • What about the HPV vaccine? Chevron vers le bas

    As part of the catch-up vaccination, vaccination is recommended and therefore free:
    - for young girls and young women between 15 and 19 years old.
    - up to the age of 26, in men who have or had sex with other men and in trans people.
    Vaccination, beyond these ages, may be recommended and paid for at the Spot on medical advice.

  • I have questions about my reproductive health Chevron vers le bas

    You can come to the Spot to discuss your reproductive health. We will support you and guide you to professionals suited to your situation and your needs: choice of contraception, recourse to abortion, pregnancy monitoring ... We provide emergency contraception free of charge (up to 5 days after the at-risk report).

  • Do I have any vaccines to do, is it free? Chevron vers le bas

    Vaccination is free according to vaccine recommendations. For certain exceptional situations, there may be extended vaccine proposals compared to the recommendations. Each situation has to do with the accompanying persons and the medical team.

  • I have symptoms of an STI or have been told that I have had an STI, what should I do? My-my partner has an STI can I get treated too? Chevron vers le bas

    For all these questions, it is best to come directly. They deserve to take the time for a medical consultation at the Spot, in a context of listening and benevolence. Everything will be done to answer your questions, screen and treat if necessary.

  • I am affected by HIV and / or hepatitis, what can I find at the Spot? Chevron vers le bas

    The Spot does not yet carry out HIV monitoring. But you can find there a collective space for discussion around seropositivity, proposals for health weekends (weekend of rest and reflection on how to live well with HIV), groups designed by and for HIV-positive women, etc.
    You also have the possibility to screen for other STIs as regularly as you wish, to come and talk about chemsex, collect equipment, etc.
    If you are affected by hepatitis C, and if there is no contraindication, you can benefit from treatment and all follow-up directly at the Spot. In the event of hepatitis B, you will be referred to a competent hospital service which can assess the need for treatment or regular monitoring.

  • I have a positive result, can I come to the Spot? Chevron vers le bas

    First of all, no panic! Come discuss your results with our guides and our medical team. We will see together what are the best treatment options for you and your partners.

  • I had unprotected sex less than 48 hours ago Chevron vers le bas

    At the Spot, you can have access to post-exposure treatment (T.P.E). TPE is recommended for receptive or insertive anal and vaginal intercourse and oral sex with ejaculation, if the people involved belong to a high prevalence group: men who have sex with men who have multiple partners, injecting drug users, workers. women of gender or people from high prevalence areas (Africa, Caribbean, South America, Asia). TPE should be taken within 48 hours of exposure. It is prescribed for 28 days, with in parallel assessments adapted to the exposure situation. If you want PrEP, you can start taking it when you stop taking TPE.

  • I want to do one or more screenings, when to come? Chevron vers le bas

    In view of the incubation and seroconversion times of the various STIs detected, the results are completely reliable 6 weeks after exposure to a risk. Do not hesitate to redo the tests within these deadlines if necessary. Special case: the reliability times for hepatitis C tests are 3 months after exposure. Getting tested for HIV is the only way to know your HIV status, it is best to do it every 3 months if you have several partners. If you have had a relationship unprotected by a condom and you are one of the groups at high risk for HIV, by coming to the Spot you can benefit from reliable testing 8 days after exposure.

  • I do Chemsex, I need some gear, do you have that? Chevron vers le bas

    The Spot provides all the equipment necessary for the consumption of products: pumps, cups, serum, cream, gbl / ghb dispenser, roll your straw, consumption monitoring table ... You can also book our chemsex case, made up of all the risk reduction material useful in a chems party, directly by creating an account on this website.

  • I'm looking for friendly groups to talk about my drug use Chevron vers le bas

    We offer both: a collective space for discussion, in a community setting, in the presence of an addictologist and a community guide. And also individual interviews with an addiction psychiatrist who can help you take stock, answer your questions or a request for treatment.

  • I am injecting, do you provide injection support? Chevron vers le bas

    Yes, the Spot nurse offers injection support, starting from your practice and discussing with you how to improve it to reduce the risks to your health.

  • Can I come and have my products analyzed? Chevron vers le bas

    Yes, during each visit, you can drop off a little product to have it analyzed. We will offer you an interview with a community coach to identify what type of analysis to do, the effects felt and the timeframe for the results.

  • I forgot to take a PrEP pill, what should I do? Chevron vers le bas

    The ideal is to come and meet us or talk to a worker on the hotline. Indeed, it all depends on whether you are in continuous or on demand. Until you have an appropriate response to your situation, your best bet is to protect yourself with an additional PrEP tool.

  • I have unprotected sex, what should I do? I sleep without a condom, what should I do? Chevron vers le bas

    First, come and do a complete screening check-up at the Spot. You will be received without judgment with respect to your practices, we are aware that it is not always easy to protect yourself. We can do a screening in a short time (7 days), if you have unprotected sex regularly. And if the results are negative, PREP can be a prevention strategy adapted to your practices and available free of charge at the Spot. All the information is on the website

  • If I meet a guy on PrEP, can I take the condom off? Chevron vers le bas

    This person has protection. But if it's a casual plan and you don't know that person, you don't. It's like saying "I'm negative", would you put on a condom then? You do not know if she is well followed, if she is taking her treatment. It is not really safe to rely on the other partner's preventative means. The best is yet to have yours, to be on the safe side.

  • I only have unprotected blowjobs, can I get PrEP at the Spot? Chevron vers le bas

    PrEP is a prevention tool that you can access if you ask for it. By talking to a guide at the Spot or on the hotline about your questions and your practices, you can determine if this tool is right for you.

  • How can I get involved? Chevron vers le bas

    If you feel like it, you are welcome to take action alongside us! That's the idea: anyone who comes to this place can find their place as an actor or actress in the association. Talk to an AIDES activist at the reception or during an interview to be able to participate in an evening of discovery of the association.

  • I would like to make a donation, what can I do? Chevron vers le bas

    AIDES, an association under the 1901 law, was "recognized as being of public utility" by decree in the Council of State. As such, it can receive donations, donations, life insurance and bequests. To inquire about donations, click on the link below:

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