I received a notification

You have received an email or text message informing you that you may have come into contact with an STI. Below you will find explanations and advice on this notification. 

did you receive a notification?

We offer a service that allows people who have recently had one or more positive tests for a sexually transmitted infection to be able to anonymously notify their partners.
Because it can be difficult to contact your partner directly. This tool allows you to take care of your partner's health by letting them know that they may have had contact with an STI. The Spot site sends a message to the numbers or emails that the user has entered. No phone number is saved.
If you have any doubts about the message you received, know that some STIs do not cause any symptoms. When you have sex, getting screened is the only way to check your sexual health.

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Go to the Spot

To take stock of your sexual health and talk about the message received.

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Protect your partners

In your turn, inform your partner with our notification tool.

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Get tested

Find a place to test for a full HIV and STI check-up.